REPLAY: We Love Woking 24th Feb

This week we start with a little tribute to Lara McNamee, one of our fellow presenters here at Radio Woking, who sadly passed away just before Christmas. She was a great supporter of the local community and this show, and will be missed by us all.
After that we have 3 wonderful guests for you this week.
Any of you who have been out for your walks alongside the Basingstoke Canal near WWF, may have already met our first guest whilst getting a coffee from her. First up we speak with Grace Fraser and learn more about Kiwi & Scot , including what inspired her to start up the business, how the name came about and her plans going forwards.
Next we chat with Marie Howse from Woking & Sam Beare Hospice and Wellbeing Care about their upcoming ‘Virtual Easter Fun Run’ and following Monday’s announcement, news of the reopening of their shops, and lots more.
Our final guest this week is Sophie Eggleton , a new presenter at Radio Woking who will be following on after us with her brand new show – ‘Wellness Wednesday’. We’ll welcome her aboard, learn a bit about her and hear what’s in store for you all.
In-between all that, as standard, we have a great mix of music, including some top choices from our guests. Plus lots more local chat and news.