New Comedy Drama – The Bureau of Lost Things

In a quiet corner of every town, down a street nobody cares about, you’ll find a Bureau of Lost Things. Here a dedicated team strives to reunite lost things with their careless owners.

One such branch nestles just inside the M25, where no-nonsense overseer Veronica runs a tight ship; at least according to her (Head Office may disagree). Now we follow eager new recruit Will, cynical con-artist Cara and bureau lifer Raymond as, every episode, they grapple with a fresh batch of things. And Veronica.

An audio sitcom from London Comedy Writers, the Bureau of Lost Things airs every Sunday evening at six on Radio Woking. So wind down your weekend with us here at the Bureau, where losing it is just the start of your problems.

The Bureau of Lost Things stars Michael Keane (Dr Who, The Play That Goes Wrong), Annette Flynn (Eastenders, Lost and Found), Nick Ewans (Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later) and Grace Morgan (Shuffle Play, Sketchley Park). It is produced by Radio Woking Comes with MP3’s presenter Alan Devey.

The Bureau of Lost Things on Radio Woking, Sundays at 6pm.