THE VIEW FROM HERE – Matriarchs of Genesis, Learning Difficulties, the power of Shame

Sunday 5th June 2016

9am – 12noon 

9am – Rabbi Zucker joins us to discuss the 7 matriarchs of the bible. Rabbi Zucker is co-author of “The Matriarchs of Genesis” in which he discusses the influences of these women on the lives of their families and the history of their times. The book embraces a feminist viewpoint as well as biblical, historical and contemporary thought.

10am – Maureen Young is founder member of Link Leisure, now known as Link Able in Woking. Maureen is now also a trustee of the Welmede Housing Association for people with learning difficulties. Having started as a social worker for young children and families, Maureen’s life has been dedicated to the well being of those less able to cope alone.

11am – Eli Joubert is a chartered Clinical Psychologist. We shall be discussing the power of shame in our lives. Shame is defined as a painful feeling that one has done something improper or ridiculous. This can lead to a sense of humiliation which can become a toxic influence in one’s life. Eli will help us understand the roots of the problem and how to deal with it. 

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