Sunday 10th April 2016

9am – 12noon

9am – Inspirational quotes, music and poems interspersed with local news. Please look at and the families campaign for a judicial review over their son’s death.

10am – Alison Craze gives an insight into the history of the Brookwood Hospital and the lives of residents. Alison has written a book entitled “From Asylum to Community Care, a history of Brookwood hospital told by those who worked and lived there”. Copies are available from The Lightbox, Surrey History Centre and Christ Church Woking book shop. Proceeds from the sale are going to Oakleaf in Guildford and The Corner House in Woking. Please contact Alison for further details

11am – Jonny & the Baptists are performing their climate change show “The End is Nigh” at Farnham Maltings on Monday evening 11th April. Paddy tells us about the inspiration behind the show and what life is like as a comedian/musician writing satirical political works.

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