Sunday 31st May

9am – 12noon

9am – Anne McCrossan runs Visceral Business which is a digital business consultancy. She will be talking to us about “Communication in the Networked Age”. As she says on her website “I work in the area that intersects between human creativity business development and meaning, the relationship that governs culture and performance – what we do, how we behave, and what we buy, and why.” We shall be discussing various aspects of this.

10am – Heidi Copeman will join us to discuss Human Rights. Cameron’s government has postponed the abolition of the Human Rights Act and introduction of  a British Bill of Rights. What are human rights and what might be included?

11am – Khalil Alamour is a field researcher for Adalah, a human rights Non-Governmental Organisation and a Board Member of the Negev Coexistence Forum for civil equality which is a grass roots Arab-Jewish NGO. He has lobbied the United Nations on behalf of ICAHD – the Israeli Commission Against House Demolitions in We shall discuss the present situation in Palestine and the peace movement and non-violent resistance which is building there. More information can be obtained through the following websites – and