REPLAY: We Love Woking – trains, terrapin’s and Sour Kix!

As we head out of lockdown, and the restrictions start easing, lots of people will start travelling on the trains again. So we thought we’d find out how Woking Station have been preparing themselves to welcome back their customers.

We chat with Duty Station Manager, Fiona Brown, Welcome Host, Fleur Chan and Platform Assistant, Scott Howard about their #CleanerAndCleaner campaign.

They want to reassure the travelling public that it is totally safe to travel on the trains again, and we talk about all the measures in place, and the work all the staff are doing to give peace of mind to anyone thinking of using the station.

A lot of the staff are Woking residents themselves, and we talk about the sense of community at the station, and how they look forward to seeing you all again.

We also have a special shout out for one of our awesome local bands – Sour Kix , who release their new single ‘Adore’ this Friday! ‘The List’ is growing.

Plus more on a mission to Goldsworth Park Lake, where there is a (probably) Teenage, (maybe) Mutant, (possibly a) Ninja – Terrapin on the loose.

As usual, we connect that all up with the finest selection of music, including our guest’s own choices.
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