Get Ready live on Radio Woking The Mid Week Mod Show


We have Get Ready playing live on the 17th Feb.

Great music from a great local band and of course we will interview the band and find out what there up to and most importantly where to see them live.

Here’s a little piece on them:

‘Embracing the style and music of the modernism era and culture. Playing classic songs from the ‘style’ decade of the 1960s as well as some floor stomping Northern Soul, we are a mod band with a difference. Get Ready play songs that influenced and are ingrained in the mod psyche, definitely not your run of the mill mod band. If you love the ‘swinging 60s’ music, clothes and style, then get ready for Get Ready’.

So that’s the band and I most certainly will be dancing along to the tunes and finding out a lot more about the group.

This is starting at 6pm on Wednesday 17th Feb 2016.

Don’t be late and looking forward to your company.

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KTF Sean Cooke