Nell Op de Beeck

Hi, I’m Nell and it’s always been a childhood dream of mine to be a radio presenter and I am terribly grateful (and excited that) this has become a reality on Radio Woking.

I’ve been a business coach and professional speaker for over a decade and with that do lots of presentations, videos and interviews with other business owners. So I am no stranger to speaking and interviewing.

On The Voice of Business, you can expect a weekly guest, every Tuesday evening from 8-9pm. A local business owner being the voice of their business, sharing their learnings, their challenges, their wins and their expertise. It’s a show to learn from others, to promote your business and have some fun!

A few fun facts about me:

· I moved to the UK in 2003 (from Belgium, hence the funny accent)
· Woking was my first home town here in the UK
· Now I live in Sandhurst with my partner
· I love running and have completed a marathon and quite a few half marathons
· I’m currently learning Italian, which means I can speak 5 languages (all to different degrees of fluency though!)
· I love Basset hounds, having the roof down on my car and musical theatre
· I’m a big foodie!
· My favourite artist is Jack Savoretti