The WLW Show Weds 24/10/18 – Claire’s Veggie Kitchen

On This week’s We Love Woking Show…

It’s a healthy one!

6pm – We’re joined by Claire Weatherley and we’re learning about ‘Claire’s Veggie Kitchen’ – Fresh & frozen home cooked, plant based meals made & delivered to you!

Claire is also a Yoga teacher, and a radio presenter, so we’ll be talking more on that too, around listening to her 3 song choices.

In the 2nd hour, we continue with more Woking chat, local events, happenings and anything else that pops into our heads!

All that, and we have the best mix of music.

If you have any messages/shout outs or song requests, let us know via message/comment and we’ll get it on air.

Join Jackie & Zahir Weds 6-8pm on Radio Woking.


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