The WLW Show 7/6/17 – Where is The Love?

On Tonight’s We Love Woking Show….

There is no guest this evening, as tonight’s show was going to be a little bit different. Unfortunately Jackie will also be unable to make it, for reasons explained a little later.

So tonight I’ll be winging it alone. I’ll be talking about some local events and happenings as usual, and in between, importantly at times like these, some bigger things which are affecting us all. With thoughts and songs of Love to Manchester, and just recently London.

Also, we don’t do politics on the show normally, and we are not here to take sides………but as it’s a Voting Day tomorrow, I will touch on the subject very briefly. Especially as it’s the first time I will actually be voting!

Plus, too much talking is never any good……I’ve lined up lots of music for you all.

Join me 8-10pm, here on Radio Woking.

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