The WLW Show 6/3/2019 – Mr Carlos Ice Cream

On Tonight’s #WeLoveWoking Show…

You’ve probably heard something along the grapevine about the #Woking ‘Ice Cream Saga’. Thanks to Surrey Live
for pic and reporting on it so thoroughly and keeping us informed.

This evening we’re joined in the studio by Joe Bellanca, and we’re going to really unravel the whole story.

Many of us thought that he may have left his pitch in Woking Park because he retired or moved on. It was only when a petition came out, asking for the public’s support, that we all realised something very wrong had unfolded.

We have local Woking Council elections coming up. When we vote, we hope that the people we elect are there to represent us, our families and our communities. That’s the way it should be.

They should not vote along party lines or to suit their own agendas.

But that is exactly what appears to be going on!

We’ll hear from Joe about their family history in Woking, and how he and his Dad have served their Ice Cream to many many of us, all over the Woking Borough, for decades. They are a huge part of our community, and if they can be treated like this…..what chance do any of us have??

We will find out how this whole drama started, from the “consultation”, contracts,Councillors “misleading” us, the Council meetings, the behaviour of the chamber and the current, unsatisfactory outcome.

Something is very wrong with the system in Woking. The way this family is being treated has awakened us all to the fact.

Woking – What will WE do about it?

Join us 6-8pm on Radio Woking, as we learn more from Joe about how this whole drama has affected his family and their business.

In the second hour, more local chat, with events & happenings from the area,, surrounded by the best mix of music.

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