The WLW Show 28/2/2018 – The 8-10pm Era Ends

On Tonight’s We Love Woking Show…

A sad occasion for a couple of reasons (so get your tissues ready).

Firstly it is the last EVER Show on the 8-10pm time slot!! Although quite sad, we are Very happy about this. Ever since the show started over 3 years ago, we wanted it to be from 6-8pm, as this is the best time to catch most people at home, after work, school/college/uni etc. Plus it gives time to spend with our families.

Due to other presenters comittments it never happened.

But from March 7th (next Weds) our wish has finally been granted! Thanks to Alex Thompkins, who has kindly agreed to swap show times with us.

Secondly, when going to the new time slot, we are also going back to a 2 presenter team. So this will be Tim’s last show (for now) 😭😭.

Having 3 presenters in a small studio is a Mission, especially when having a large group of guests ….like we often do.

Tim will join Tanya Isaiah , (who temporarily helped present The show over a year ago) as a cover presenter, for Zahir when he’s away. With Tanya covering for Jackie.

So Tonight join Tim and Zahir as they complete his Jedi Training & bring you lots of local chat, events and some brilliant music!

Tune in 8-10pm on Radio Woking.

On DAB search Radio Woking. To listen on mobiles/tablets, you can download the free Radio Woking app.