The WLW Show 19/6/2018 – HELP SAVE Goldsworth Park Community Association

On this Wednesday’s We Love Woking Show….

We Love Goldsworth Park. Many of our guests have come from there, and it is also a place many have mentioned as a favourite.  The Goldsworth Park Community Association is in crisis. Unless they can find volunteers and trustee’s, they will have to shut down.


6pm – We’re joined by Irene Watson, Chairman of the GPCA, Gerry Smeesters who manages the Natural Goldsworth Park Project, Roger Westcott, who is responsible for all the improvements to the lake and George Binyon who edits ‘Goldsworth News’.  We’ll be learning about the GPCA and the great work they have done over the years, talk about their current predicament and how we can help. Irene has also chosen 3 songs, which we’ll be playing in between our chat.

There is an Extraordinary General Meeting taking place 7.30pm on Friday 29th June at Goldwater Lodge. All residents are asked to attend as this is a very urgent matter for the whole community. Also any other members of the local community who feel they may be able to help are also very welcome.

You can find out more information about GPCA on their website 

In the second hour we continue with lots more local chat and local events, including Horsell Garden Safari, Woking Lions Fun Run and Party in The Park.  All that and some great tunes too!

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