The WLW Show 15/1/2020 – Woking Planetarium / Limitless Training

On this week’s #WeLoveWoking Show…

Wednesday 15th January 2020.

As promised, we’re going back to our 2 guest format, with which we started the show nearly 5 years ago.

There are so many amazing people, places, clubs, groups and organisations doing great things all over the borough. This way we can shine a light and help you learn and discover lots more.

6-7pm – We’re joined by Chloe Elliott who runs the ‘Woking Planetarium’ at Winston Churchill School in St John’s.
Woking Planetarium is the only state school owned one in the UK and is now open to the public.

Officially opened in December by acclaimed actor Peter Davison (a Woking boy), this educational facility for the school and local community aims to bring astronomy & space science back down to Earth.

We’ll learn all about it, the shows which are on every Friday, and learn more about Chloe and her background in Astrophysics.

7-8pm – Jamie Christlow,, founder of ‘Limitless Training’ who is on a mission to inspire and encourage people who wouldn’t normally to build life long habits to help them lead healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles.

We’ll hear his inspirations for starting this new business, what he offers those looking to join, aswell as finding out more about his journey, which includes a background in a multitude of sports and a 10 year career as an actor. He is also a former Jedi Padawan, now a Master.

Both Chloe and Jamie have also chosen their 3 songs, which we’ll hear inbetween our chats.

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