The WLW Show – 14/02/2018

Send YOUR ❤️ through the airwaves on Radio Woking …

This Weeks WLW Show –
‘LOVE is all around us’.

We’ll be getting even more loved up in Woking!

SHARE WITH US your favourite love songs, add a dedication to your partner, family, pets, customers, literally anybody or anything you love!

Maybe you’ve just met someone and would like to hear ‘ I’ve found lovin’ by the fatback band. (We’re definitely playing that!)

Maybe what you love most is your Friday night curry! And you’d like ‘feeling hot hot hot’ to celebrate your love of it 😝!

Don’t be shy… We’ll celebrate it all!

Also, what are your favourite romantic films, places to go!?

Let us know by messaging us or posting below, and we’ll make sure the evening is full to the brim with your love vibes.

As usual we will also be talking about local events and happenings in the area.

Join Jackie, Tim and Zahir 8-10pm Every Wednesday on Radio Woking.