The WLW Show 10/6/2020 – #Lockdown Episode 6

On this week’s We Love Woking Show….

Wednesday 10/6/2020

Lockdown – Episode 6

This week we speak to Marie Howse from Woking & Sam Beare Hospice and Wellbeing Care.

We hear how Covid and lockdown affected them, and how they’ve adapted to deal with the situation. Marie also speaks about the fantastic work people all over the local community have been doing to help raise money for them. Plus we have a big shout out for their volunteers, chat about their charity shops and lots more.

Next up is Imran Ali Mamud from Rooster Shack in Maybury.

He originally joined us on the show 4 years ago, when he first opened. We catch up on how lockdown affected the way they operate, their ordering & deliveries which can be done on their new app, and their 2nd store, now open in Aldershot.

Our 3rd guest this week is Sam Prince from Prince and Sons Family Butchers
in Horsell.

Sam talks about how the pandemic situation affected their business, and the hard work they all put into serving their customers and helping out in the village.

We speak about their community effort with Thurstons Brewery and Boz’s Fruit and Veg, to sell beer to the community, with all proceeds going to Woking and Sam Beare Hospices.

He also mentions the great community in Horsell and The Horsell Village Wire, which keeps everyone connected.

All our guests have chosen a song each, which we’ll play after the chats.

Aswell as that, we look ahead to retail shops opening, talk about Woking’s #BlackLivesMatter protest on Sunday and have have lots more great music.

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