The WLW Show 04/04/2018 – We’re Loving Woking.. As Usual :-)

The We Love Woking Show – Tonight 6-8pm Radio Woking.

THE LATEST…There’s a NEW Fiery BIrd In Town!
AT the same time as Wokings famous peregrine tends to its nest, the organisers of the newly confirmed Fiery Bird Music Venue are tending to theirs!

You can help with this (big) nest, lets get behind this community venue, and make this New Woking Bird famous 😀

Find out what you can do when we speak to Elaine McGinty tonight at 7pm.

Join Zahir & Jackie for local chat, events, music and a bit of Woking fun and loving ❤️

Message us with any news, announcements etc and we’ll help spread the word.

This evening from 6-8pm LIVE on Radio Woking.