The We Love Woking Show 9/3/22 – Chris Brannigan ‘Hope for Hasti’

On this week’s We Love Woking Show…

Wednesday 9th March 2022.

A story of a Father’s Love for his daughter and family.

During the first lockdown, we recorded a chat with Chris Brannigan to find out more about. HopeforHasti.

He explained how they were trying to raise money, so they could develop a genetherapy to help his daughter Hasti, who suffers from CdLS, a rare genetic disorder that affects physical and intellectual development. They had been running a weekly quiz and lots more.

He mentioned he was working on something at the time, but couldn’t say more.

Nearly 2 years later, he’s joining us LIVE in the studio, and boy, does he have some stories to tell.

Soon after our chat, his first mission was a Barefoot ‘700 mile March across Britain’. Starting at Land’s End and ending in Edinburgh.

He didn’t stop there, a short while later he went to America on his ‘Hope for Hasti Barefoot March’ – starting in Bar Harbour, Maine.
This time walking 12,00 miles through 10 states, carrying 55kg.

Along the way, there have been hundreds of supporters, joining his walks, doing their own bit for the campaign by raising money and more awareness.

He’s been featured on all the major news channels, both here and America, featured on The One Show, caught the attention of Taylor Swift , and his story and journey has touched hearts all over The World.

We’ll be hearing all about the highs and lows, how the support kept him going, and about all the many other things they’ve been doing to raise money for ‘Hope for Hasti’.

He has chosen some amazing songs, his inspirational, feel good and love songs….and we’ll be hearing these inbetween our chat.

Join us on Wednesday 6-8pm, LIVE on Radio Woking.

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