The We Love Woking Show 4/5/2022 – My Imagination / The Snow Leopard

On this week’s We Love Woking Show…

May The 4th be with You!

Our guest this week is Kate Broughton who runs My Imagination, offering Super Power courses and 1-1 coaching to give children the skills and techniques to discover their inner super powers of confidence and self belief.

We’ll be learning more about Kate, the courses and a crowdfunder Kate is launching soon.

She has chosen her 6 songs, and we’ll be hearing this inbetween our chat.

Also this week – WOKING, We need your help!!

A lovely, cute and very cuddly WWF UK Snow Leopard has got lost, and separated from his human family….and we want to get them reunited.

After being found in Goldsworth Park, he has been taken in by us, and looked after. Although he has been having lots of fun adventures, he is missing home!

You can see the post about him on The Horsell Village Wire, Knaphill Village Community Page (UK, Surrey) and The Woking Residents Community Page…with updates about his adventures.

Please help us spread the word, by sharing the post and his story with friends and family, and help us get him home.

He will be Co Hosting the show this week….and has chosen some songs too!

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