THE VIEW FROM HERE – from voting to womens’ and young people’s issues

Sunday 15th May 2016

9am – 12noon

9am – Owen Winter joins us from Make Votes Matter. We shall discuss the present first past the post voting system and the benefits and disadvantages of changing to a proportional representation system.

10am – Barbara Wilson is coming into the studio to talk about the Woking Soroptimists. The Soroptimists are an international non political women’s group who take a stand on women and girls’  issues. They are celebrating their 40th anniversary in Woking.

11am – Joseph Thompson introduces the National Citizen Service programme for young people aged 15-17 years. The aim is to bring young people together to take on new challenges, learn new skills and thus discover their potential. Charlie has participated in the programme and will be with us to tell us all about it.

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