THE VIEW FROM HERE – cystic fibrosis, vulnerable veterans, H G Wells and the Russian spy

Sunday 22nd May 2016

9am – 12noon

9am – Veronica Lanzetta and Georgina Compton are two young friends who met due to their common diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. They have both received double lung transplants. They will speak candidly about the disease and the effect it has had on their lives. There is a campaign running “The Breathe with Me Strawfie Challenge” raising awareness and to encourage organ donation.

10am – Roger Nield set up “Vulnerable Veterans” in 2016. The aim is to assist veterans who enter the criminal justice system or become homeless rough sleepers. With the intention of saving lives and resources, veterans are offered a mentor and buddying system to help them back into civilian life.

11am – Deborah MacDonald is co-author with Jeremy Dronfield of “A Very Dangerous Woman” the story of Moura Budberg.  Moura is believed to have been a spy and double agent during the Russian Revolution. She was a very close friend of H G Wells during his last 26 years and probably lovers for 13 years. Deborah will fill us in on the intrigue!