THE VIEW FROM HERE – The Battle of the Somme, Refugees, Dementia

Sunday 3rd July 2016

9am – 12noon

9amSurrey History Centre commemorates the Battle of the Somme. Steven Johnson (curator of Surrey Infantry Museum), Ian Chatfield (retired curator of Surrey Infantry Museum), Mike Page (County archivist and lead of “A County Remembers” project) Kirsty Bennett (County archivist and lead of “A County Remembers”) all speak to us about the events surrounding the Battle of the Somme. Dr. Emma Hanna (University of Kent) speaks about the 1916 film “The Battle of the Somme”.

10amJames Hodgkinson is an academic and Associate Professor in German Studies at Warwick University. He has a keen  interest is in refugees, their plight and what can be done to improve the situation. He presented at last week’s Woking Refugee Week which was organised by the Woking People of Faith. James is now focusing on people’s ability to communicate and connect across cultural, religious and ethnic delineations. He facilitates workshops in schools and groups across the country. You can contact James via Twitter

11amSylvia Bryden-Stock will be talking to us about her latest book “The Rocky Road of Naughty Neurones”. This is a guide in how to cope with caring for someone with dementia. Sylvia has now set up the ‘Carers Coaching Academy’ to support carers of those with dementia. As a former nurse, manager of a care home and wife to a dementia sufferer she has all the experience necessary to assist others on their journey.