Reality – The View From Here

This week we consider so called ‘reality’ and how having faith or a passion for bringing goodness into the world can help us break free from the hum-drum. 

9am – Eve Carnall has set up Woking Green Drinks, a space to meet and share ‘green’ ideas. A documentary of her journey around the country exploring ecological issues with local people had its first viewing in Farnham last week. For further information about Eve, her book and documentary go to

10am – Chris Watts, a Christian, will tell us how his faith has shaped his life in the corporate world as well as on a mundane level. For events at St. Paul’s Church go to

11am – Stephen Ross is an adventurer and poet with a strong interest in transpersonal psychology. He has had many spiritual experiences which  have altered the course of his life.  For more information about Steve and his work go to

Sunday 18th October

9am – 12noon

View From Here October 18th 2015 by Radio Woking on Mixcloud