Jewish Festivals, Orthodox Brotherhood & The Virgin Mary – The View From Here

This week we cover religious topics from the upcoming Jewish Festivals, to the Orthodox Christian approach and then the celebration of the Birth of the Virgin Mary. 

9am – Rabbi Zucker joins us to explore and explain the Jewish festivals of Rosh Hashannah (New Year: 13th – 15th), Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement: 22nd – 23rd) and Sukkot (Harvest Festival 27th – 4th October).

10am – Father Alexis of the Orthodox Brotherhood in Brookwood tells us about the life of an Orthodox monk and the basic differences between Orthodox and other Christian denominations. 

11am – Sean Larkin gives us a deeper understanding of the life and times of the Virgin Mary and her importance to the Christian religion. He also tells us about his work in Romania in conjunction with the Orthodox church. 

Sunday 6th September

9am – 12noon 

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