The View From Here

The View From Here

Sundays 9am – 12noon

Embracing all beliefs/faiths/religions as well as personal inspirational stories.

Sunday 30th November we have a packed show with plenty to ponder upon as we enter the Christmas season.

During the first hour Richard, the priest for St. Francis Liberal Catholic Church in Camberley, will be speaking about Advent as we approach Christmas. He will also explain some of the major differences between Liberal Catholicism and Roman Catholicism.

We are excited to have Andy Thomas in the studio after 10am. Andy is well known in the broadcasting world having appeared on national TV and radio stations on many occasions. He specialises in English traditions and folklore and will be talking about the deeper meaning of Christmas. He is also a researcher in unexplained mysteries and has a website should you wish to explore further.

Monday 1st December is World Aids Day and to inform us of the issues around living with the virus we welcome Donna who is Chief Executive of Positive Action an HIV support organisation. Although misconceptions and stigma are still rife, there is a network of support and educational materials in Woking and Surrey which we will learn about during the interview.