The View From Here – Environmental Issues

Sunday 12th July

9am – 12noon

This week we look at environmental issues and how these link to social projects.

9am – Steve Williams is a member of Compass “a home for everyone who wants to be part of a much more equal, democratic and sustainable future”. Compass is launching a new hub in Godalming on Saturday 18th July.  We shall learn about the inspiration and aspirations of the group and how to get involved. The launch is being opened by Baroness Ruth Lister who is chair of the Compass management committee and also Professor of social policy at Loughborough University.

10am – Nicola Peel has dedicated her life to environmental projects. She has carried out a great deal of work in South America, particularly in the Amazon. Her full length documentary “Blood of the Amazon” explores some of this work and the issues faced due to the incursion of the oil industry in the area. Nicola has many positive messages about how to tackle environmental devastation.

11am – Leah Robson is the founder of the MaidEnergy project based in Maidenhead. This is a cooperative movement to provide solar panels for the generation of cheap energy for the benefit of all. Energy cooperatives are growing across the country and MaidEnergy is a prime example.