THE VIEW FROM HERE – Summer Solstice

Sunday 21st June

9am – 12noon

This week we look at local productions including The Wintershall Passion Plays, the upcoming Shane Thomas piano concert and then turn our attention to the skies and the summer solstice.

9.00 – Charlotte de Klee is the producer of the Wintershall Passion Plays. The plays will be presented in Guildford from 23rd – 27th June. Telling the story of the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth these plays involve a vast cast of actors and amateurs. They take place in the beautiful grounds of the Wintershall Estate in Bramley, Guildford. 

10.00 – We are joined by Shane Thomas a 15 year old pianist and child prodigy. Shane will tell us about his natural affinity to the piano and how his journey started. We shall share some of his wonderful musical recitals. Shane will be performing at the New Victoria Theatre, Woking on Saturday 27th June at 7.30pm. Tickets available via

11.00 – 21st June marks the Summer Solstice and we are joined by Toni Allen local astrologer to talk about the meaning of the solstice as well as the present astrological weather.