The View From Here – Peace of Mind

Sunday 5th July

9am – 12noon

This week we consider the need to find peace of mind in our hectic world. Representatives from the Dhammakaya International Society of the UK will be in the studio from the Buddhist Temple in Brookwood. Thereafter we shall consider the western approach to the practice of Mindfulness.

9am – Debbie Morton, Trevor Froggatt and Kruawan Sookcharoen will be talking to us about the Inner Peace Retreats which the temple run every 3 months. They will also tell us about the inspiration and strength they found through these practices and how they now work as temple volunteers.

10am – Dave Proctor and Debbie Morton will further inform us about the history of the Buddhist Temple in Brookwood, the befriender team and the services they offer as well as the regular events that are held there.

11am – Annette Boden – one of the first fully trained Mindful Self-Compassion teachers in the UK, will share insights into how she integrates Mindful Self-Compassion into her work practices and every day coping mechanisms living with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Annette will also guide us through a couple of short self help exercises.