The View From Here

Sunday 17th May

9am – 12noon

This week we consider the influence of art and music on our well being. Since the culture of our society helps inform who we are, often on an unconscious level, we shall also explore the idea of the “collective unconscious”.

9am – Marilyn Scott director of The Lightbox in Woking describes the impact of art in our lives and the work being carried out by The Lightbox team in collaboration with 80 different groups in the community. Pru Chambers, Marketing Manager,  introduces the Damien Hirst exhibition ‘The New Religion’ and Sharon gives us her impressions of these controversial compositions.

10am – Lindsay Macaulay, a classically trained musician and sound healer introduces us to the power of sound healing. Experience some of her enchanting instruments recorded especially for the programme in the Radio Woking studios.

11am – Elise Wardle, a local psychotherapist unravels the meaning of the collective unconscious and its representation as the soul of humanity.