Sunday 3rd May
9am – 12noon

This week we celebrate Red Cross Week and Beltane the Gaelic/Celtic festival marking May Day and the start of summer.

9am – Dominic Bryant is Operations Director for the British Red Cross in Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Surrey. He will join us to tell us about the history and purpose of the Red Cross. He will inform us of fund-raising events in the Woking area which are taking place throughout Red Cross week from 3rd -9th May. The Red Cross centre in Woking offers many first aid courses and other training. The Red Cross is also a member of the Emergency Disaster Committee and involved in the rescue operations in Nepal.

10am – Bea Martin will talk about Beltane, the celebration of the oncoming summer. She and her partner David Johnson make up the duo “Bards of Avalon”. We shall experience their use of sacred sound and ceremony for healing and transformation.

11am – Eve Carnall tells us about her life changing decision to give up her job and tour the country. Her passion for the land and putting her trust in the kind heartedness of others has completely transformed her way of life. She has now published a book, available mid-May and is soon to release a documentary (July) based upon the initiatives of the people she met and the remarkable ecological projects going on around the country.