Sunday 5th April

9am – 12noon

THE VIEW FROM HERE wishes all Radio Woking listeners a Happy and Peaceful Easter.

9.00 Sean Larkin joins us to consider the key events in the Christian calendar which are commemorated over this weekend. The Christian message is complex and we shall try to unpack some of the meanings behind the biblical readings.

10.00 Marion Field recalls her childhood and strict upbringing within the Plymouth Brethren movement. How does one find one’s voice when all is ‘forbidden’? Marion certainly has and shares some of her experiences as a teacher and author.

11.00 Amanda Littleboy has faced discrimination and the social embarrassment of living with a stammer. After watching the stage play of “The King’s Speech” Amanda’s life was turned around. She describes how the content of the play and subsequent film not only changed her attitude to life but encouraged her to seek new ways of coping. She is now an advocate for The British Stammering Association