Passover and Palm Sunday on THE VIEW FROM HERE

Sunday 29th March

9am – 12noon

We are now into a particularly poignant time of year for both the Jewish and Christian communities. We therefore celebrate both Passover and Palm Sunday during this week’s programme. Of course any time of year can involve sacrifice and suffering especially if you have a child with a life limiting diagnosis. We welcome ‘Christopher’s Smile’ to talk about the ups as well as downs of this painful journey and the work being carried out towards improved treatments and outcomes.

9.00 Rabbi Zucker will join us to explain and explore Passover. Celebrations last from 3rd – 11th April and commemorate the emancipation of the Israelites from Egypt.

10.00 Ron Commans is coming into the studio to talk to us about Palm Sunday and the significance of Holy Week and the days leading up to Easter next weekend.

11.00 Karen and Kevin Capel founders of Christopher’s Smile take us through the experience of their young son’s diagnosis of cancer and their passion to help other children through dedicated fundraising for research into enhanced treatments and positive outcomes.

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Passover and Palm Sunday on THE VIEW FROM HERE March 29th 2015 by Radio Woking on Mixcloud