Mothers Day on The View From Here

Sunday 15th March

9am – 12noon

This week we celebrate Mothers Day or the Christian Mothering Sunday

9.00 Sharon will discuss the difference between Mothering Sunday and Mothers Day, taking a look at the origins, history and meanings. We have mixed the two in the UK and celebrate them both on the same day – the 4th Sunday of Lent.

10.00 Finbarr Ross joins us to talk about the rise of the divine feminine energies and the ascension process that the planet and the human race is presently undergoing.

11.00 Hannah Battram Environmental Education Officer for Affinity Water will tell us about her experiences volunteering for in Uganda.  Particular reference to the role of women as water bearers and their extensive work in holding communities together will be discussed as well as the problems young girls face in a world without ‘mod cons’. 

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