The Ockenden Venture, RSPCA and the new benefits system – THE VIEW FROM HERE

Sunday 28th February 2016

9am – 12noon 

We look at the history of the Ockenden Venture project in Woking assisting refugees for over 50 years. The RSPCA in Millbrook is celebrating its 50th year in the area. We look at the emotive topic of the changes to the benefit system and the impact this is having on people’s lives.

9am – Stephen Claypole trustee of The Ockenden Venture tells us about the origins and history of this local charity. Originally set up in 1951 to assist refugees from WWII the project now works across the globe.

10 am – Sue Walters manager of Millbrook RSPCA centre guides Sharon around the facilities. The RSPCA is celebrating it 50th year at Millbrook.

11am – John Stockley is an advisor, researcher and campaigner. He has extensive experience of working with the Citizens Advice Bureau. We look at the implications of the new benefits changes Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and the impact this is having. 

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