The Lightbox: Tim Rudman Iceland- An uneasy Calm

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23 April 2016 – 3 July 2016

Tim Rudman is one of Britain’s finest landscape photographers. His work originates in film and is transformed into silver gelatin prints, hand-crafted personally using traditional ‘wet’ printing techniques in the darkroom. On the occasion of his new book, ‘Iceland: an uneasy calm’, a new exhibition at The Lightbox gallery and museum in Woking, Surrey, celebrates and documents Tim Rudman’s experiences travelling through Iceland – a land of myth, magic and spectacular scenery.

In the opening of his book, Tim Rudman describes the Icelandic landscape as perfectly as his photography captures it: ‘Iceland, ‘The Land of Ice and Fire’, has a strong and omnipresent ‘Middle Earth’ feel to it. Evidence of its volcanic origin is everywhere. Geysers spurt, mud pools boil and steam billows from the ground. The central highlands are unpopulated and barren. Glistening glacial caps crown the mountains and extend long white fingers down to light-sucking lava deserts, whilst bible-black beaches lie fringed with white surf. Craggy caves and peaks, often shrouded in mist and low cloud, provide a home to some of Iceland’s trolls and ‘hidden people’. In summer the days extend through the nights. In winter the nights eat up the days. Changes in the weather are frequent and storms can be spectacular. Brooding skies accentuate the already dramatic and sometimes eerie landscape where trolls lurk at night and get turned to stone by daylight. It is a land of myth and magic, of fearsome subterranean power and spectacular scenery.’

Tim Rudman’s stunning photography successfully captures the magical wilderness of the land and the exhibition will take the visitor on a journey through eerie landscapes, brooding skies, spectacular mountaintops and black lava sand flats. All photographs in the exhibition will be for sale and the book ‘Iceland: an uneasy calm’ will be available to buy in The Lightbox Shop.

Associated Events (Advance booking required):

On Wednesday 29 June 2016 at 7.00pm, join Peter Hall, Curator at The Lightbox for Photography of the World – In Conversation with Tim Rudman. Peter and Tim will explore the themes that layer the exhibition, Tim’s journey through Iceland and the trials and tribulations of this backdrop, both one of the most difficult and spectacular landscapes in the world. A must for all of those with an interest in photography – whether amateur, expert or simply interested.

Join The Lightbox Curator for a tour of the exhibition as they provide a fascinating insight into how it was put together. The tour will take place on Wednesday 11 May at 12.30pm.

‘Tim Rudman: Iceland – An Uneasy Calm’ will be on show at The Lightbox from 23 April 2016 – 3 July 2016. Entrance with a £5 Annual Pass. The talk and tour require advance booking, please visit for more information.