The Day of the Martians

The Award Winning Scifi Adventure Continues The War Of The Worlds – exclusive on Radio Woking, Sunday 12th May 7 – 9pm.

After 120 years, H.G. Wells’ classic novel ‘The War Of The Worlds’ has a new sequel. Author and composer H.E. Wilburson brings the original characters back to life and continues the story in ‘The Martian Diaries’ –  an award winning audio drama production in three volumes, soon available as digital downloads or on CD. Radio Woking have secured an exclusive broadcast of the first volume, ‘The Day Of The Martians’, here in Woking, the home of modern science fiction, where H.G Wells lived while writing The War Of The Worlds and where the ever popular science fiction story is set.

When an unopened Martian cylinder is discovered in the mountains of Wales in 1913, the people of Britain brace themselves for more invaders from Mars. Soon they learn the shocking news that the vengeance-seeking Martians and their invincible tripods are already on their way back, this time armed with a doomsday weapon, able to destroy all bacteria and completely extinguish life on our planet. With time and hope running out fast the original characters become caught up in events, but what on Earth can they do to survive and escape this new Martian apocalypse?

One reviewer said, ‘At the length of a modern movie, this is fun and exciting to listen to with a sense of satisfaction at the end.’ Another reviewer said, ‘This is, in many ways, a wonderfully executed tribute to H.G. Wells.’

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Opening extract

The terror of the coming of the Martians was all but a distant memory, a bad dream that had faded with time. Amid the tinkling of the teacups and the boiling of the kettle I sat contented as I finished my breakfast with Laura. Unfolding the Daily Chronicle I read and realised to my horror, the discovery of a Martian cylinder. It had been found intact, and as yet unopened, in a remote region of Wales and carefully transported to London. My stomach began to churn and to knot and I knew then I had to go to London, to find out more and to be there when they opened up the alien cylinder…..

About the author

Wilburson, or H.E. as he prefers to be known, has had a lifelong fascination with the classic scifi story The War Of The Worlds, and decided to write his own trilogy sequel to attempt to answer questions H.G.Wells left unanswered.