The art of becoming… THE VIEW FROM HERE

Sunday 17th April 2016

9am – 12noon

This week we discuss the art of becoming. How can you realise your true potential and get a joyful sense of fulfilment? What is it that holds us back or encourages us to follow our hearts?

9am – Anne McCrossan is the founder of Visceral Business. Anne specialises in change management and aims to bring about a more socially responsible approach in business. We shall be discussing the notion of ‘self-agency’ and the big question “Are you in charge of your life?”

 10am – Adam Stevens is the founder of Intelligent Eating. Adam knows that no matter what information you give people it boils down to the psychology of change and resistance. We shall be discussing ‘human needs’ from Maslow and beyond. “What makes you do the things you do?”

11am – Yolanda Dolling gave up a corporate job in London to build her dream life in Galicia, Spain. We shall hear about her motivation and the beliefs that maintained her through the good and difficult times. She has studied Gnostic sacred ecology with John Lash and runs retreats and workshops in Galicia

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