Soap The Stamps, Jump The Tube – Gail Thibert on the Fiery Bird Show

Gail Thibert joined me on the Fiery Bird Show this week she is crowd-funding her autobiography, entitled ‘Soap the Stamps, Jump The Tube: A Story of Punk, Motorbikes, Witchcraft, Sandwiches, Squats & Sewing’ and came in to talk about the situations in the book, the music that inspired her over the years, and the bands she has seen and played in. I learnt what soaping the stamps meant, that Boney M are as punk as …. (Insert word of choice I couldn’t possibly suggest it’s….) and that the dead will fiddle with your camper van if you don’t give due regard. We talked about how despite the examples of women like Vi Subversa as trailblazers, women in music, especially those doing it at the age our mothers were when we were young tribes are still lagging behind, following the van like the old man said
Listen again here and click on the links above to find out more about Gail’s book and how you can support her crowdfunding


Triumphs Theme – Triumphs

 Cardboard Theatre – Hagar The Womb

 A Forest – The Cure

 Money Talks – Rubella Ballet

Eighties – Killing Joke

Real Woman – Poison Girls

Disco Man – The Damned

Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode

Witch Hunt – The Mob

Dressed Up In Sables – Dan Shears & The Velveteen Orkestra 

Inspiration in My Head – Six Feet Under

Dirty Squatters – Zounds

13. Spirit Walker – The Cult

14. Reward – Teardrop Explodes