Nicky Weller on The Fiery Bird Show Thurs 31 August 8-10pm

I’m still trying to get my head around a Dad letting you go to see your favourite band and writing the note for school when the nearest I got was getting out of chemistry to choose an outfit for the St Patrick’s Day do, but that is what happened to Nicky Weller. After curating the highly successful About The Young Idea exhibition in London & Liverpool she has put together a book of her memories “Growing Up With Punk”. A Woking teenager working with her family to support the rise of The Jam – her brother Paul being the writer and vocalist – one of Britain’s most successful bands whose work today still paints the landscape for generations to articulate cynicism about the status quo we are fed. Both the exhibition and book have been highly acclaimed not just as a record of one band but also the social and cultural landscape of music and life in the 1970’s gathering memories from the people living it at the time. Tune in to hear Nicky talk about the book, her work and living and working at the heart of one of the most exciting British bands let alone – blimey from Woking!