My New Show

Anticipating Radio Woking going live on DAB, there’s going to be a big change happening to my show!

Firstly my show isn’t going to be on a Sunday anymore! So… I’m pleased to announce that I am going to be the host of one of our brand new drive time shows on Radio Woking. Drive time will be 4-6, and my show will be on a Tuesday. It will be a ‘traditional’ drive time format with traffic updates and all the info you need for your drive home… Plus a range of different music throughout the show.

The other drive time shows will be announced soon, so make sure you keep an eye out for that!

Obviously I would have loved to do more than one day a week at Radio Woking, but as i’m sure most of you know I am going into my final year at University so that takes up quite a lot of my time.

Anyway… I’m really excited about going live on DAB and the new drive time show on Radio Woking. It starts this coming Tuesday! (The 15th)


Tuesday’s 4-6.