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The workshops is aimed at both adults and students who want to learn the basics for recording and music production with loops and effects. Home Basic Recording covers using affordable equipment how to setup and record basic keyboard guitar bass lines and voice onto a recording session on Logic, and how to adjust and master your final track. You should leave the workshop fully confident on knowledge of equipment you would need its physical setup and a basic knowledge around using the Apples Logic Pro audio editing software.

  • £95 for 1 Day, 6 hours Session
  • 12yrs+
  • Location: Radio Woking Studios, The Winston Churchill School

We will cover:

  • Recording Setup
  • Recording Equipment
  • Recording a multi track
  • Recording single Stereo Tracks
  • Mixing and Mastering your track

You used to need lots of expensive equipment to do all this, and now its all available to you at affordable prices. Are expert workshop runners will give you all the information you need to know when purchasing your home recording equipment. If you have already bought equipment we can advise on what you could use and get out of the equipment.

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