Fiery Bird Show on Radio Woking with Erik Stein Cult With No Name

In my lateness at uploading this blog due to work and gig commitments I have now the pleasure of being able to sit and write whilst the music of Cult With No Name plays to accompany me. Introduced to me by John Ellis – it is always an honour when one respected guest recommends your radio show to another, especially as they take the time to travel down to give a whole evening to my questions and curiosity and so it was with Erik Stein. The writer and vocalist with Cult With No Name, ‘post punk electronic balladeers’, an apt title created by Erik for a style of music that inspires and seeps its spell across, and from, many influences – often the way with the truly creative joined me on The Fiery Bird Show to talk about their music and projects.

Erik introduced the concept of many diverse collaborations which in the mystique that the electronic avant garde world can engender belies image of held back disdain. Whilst ascribing to the notion that less is more to paint a fuller picture, it must be said that the variety of artists they work with from their own music to other projects such as film scores for Blue Velvet Revisited have come out of years of building relationships and respect in music and film. Sometimes this adherence to producing such work, whilst not necessarily a high profile pursuit must be all the more satisfying for those who want to carve a real insight to the humanity of expression for themselves and give freedom to others to join the quest.

Erik introduced fascinating stories of the songs from their albums and playing a few from Another Landing and their latest Heir of The Dog, which have enchanted me since they arrived on the doormat with their atmospheric lyrical excellence, he also shared some of his favourites from bands he loves. A lovely two hours and I am proud to say my fear of mispronouncing the band name and ending my small time radio career, remained unfounded.

You can listen again here you can access this and other blogs via the Fiery Bird Blog on Radio Woking as well


1 An Ending (Ascent) Brian ENO

2 Swept Away – Cult With No Name

3 Holy Innocents – John Ellis

4 Pockets of Rain – Nits

5 Fly On The Wall – Bruce Geduldig (from Another Landing – Cult With No Name)

6 Everything Lasts An Age- Cult With No Name

7 Ships That Pass In The Night – The Stranglers

8 Meet Me In London – China Bears

9 Wasted – Cult With No Name

10 Vasilisa – Dan Shears & The Velveteen Orkestra

11 I Don’t Fear The Reaper (I Just Don’t Want To Meet Her) Cult With No Name

12 The Native Daughters of The Golden West – OMD

13 Whip It – Devo

14 Rosabelle, Believe – Cult With No Name