Crossing The Tracks Blog – Programme Broadcast 24/04/17 – with guests ‘Dojo’

Hey Everyone!

‘Dojo’ are a fantastic new jazz/reggae style band/collective, comprising of eleven very talented musicians.

We’ve been playing tracks from their debut album ‘Gaia’ on the show so it was great to meet Ben, Mimi and Marwah last night. They were delightful guests so massive thanks to them for coming in, and also to the whole band for recording some exclusive tracks just for us! You really must listen again to this superb show…Here’s the playlist for you too.

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Crossing The Tracks Playlist 24/04/17

Scouting For Girls – She’s So Lovely
Katie Laffan – Tastemaker
Dojo – Give Me Love (Crossing The Tracks exclusive version)
Mick Harvey – The Homely Ones

*** McLaren TeamTalk ***

Neville Staple – The Return of Judge Roughneck
Dojo – Resetter (Crossing The Tracks exclusive version)

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Taxman
Dee Dee Bridgewater – The Island

Dojo – Waste Land (Crossing The Tracks exclusive version)

Iggy Pop – Lust For Life
Kirsty Churchill – Those Three Words

J Geils Band – Detroit Breakdown (live)

Delta Howl – Reach The Shore
Royal Blood – Loose Change
Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes – Vampires
Jean Michelle Jarre – Oxygene 4
Lossy with Strangers Are People Too – Microverse Pt 2

Mosley Bar – Wide Awake

Imagination (feat Errol Kennedy) – You Can Be All You Want To Be

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Have a great week! We’re back on Bank Holiday Monday!



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