Crossing The Tracks Blog – Programme Broadcast 16/11/15

Hi All

Such a busy show last night! Great music, and a fair amount of silliness….Thanks as always to everyone who took part via Twitter or email, your company is very much appreciated. Thanks for all the “get well soon’s” for producer Lorna too!

Lots of bands and musicians have been getting in touch, which is great…in fact next week we’ve got some friends of the programme popping in to play live for us, ‘Missmaze’ will be here on Monday 23rd!

Here’s the playlist from this week for your approval…listen again by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Crossing The Tracks playlist Monday 16/11/15

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Apachelux – Only When You’re Lonely
Temporary Hero – Radiant Beings
Kirsty Churchill – Those Three Words

*** McLaren TeamTalk ***

Spiritwo – Mesunamim
ELO – Mr Blue Sky
Mosley Bar – Record Sleeve
Bearpark – Sleeper Train

John Mayall – Why Did You Go Last night?
Antonio Forcione – Salsa & Basilico

My Cruel Goro – Clash

Prince – Sign O’ the times
Practical Lovers – Inside Job

Alice Cooper – Poison

Foo Fighters – Congregation
Vix and Her Ms Chiefs – Fame Is Your Driver
Caro Emerald – I Know That He’s Mine
Ekranoplan 4 – California
Missmaze – Heavy Matter
C Duncan – Say
Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

Click the link to listen again:

Crossing The Tracks with Kieran Cooke 16/11/15 by Radio Woking on Mixcloud


Have a great week…Speak to you on Monday with Missmaze in the studio!


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