Crossing The Tracks Blog – Programme Broadcast 08/01/18 – ‘Class of 2017’

Hi Everyone!

Very special show this week! I thought I’d say a big thankyou to all our amazing and inspirational guests from last year, the ‘Class of 2017’. With enough music to give everyone two tracks each throughout this show, every track comes from bands or artists we hosted during the year, including many tracks recorded live during the programmes. I urge you to check out the archived ‘Crossing The Tracks’ blogs on the Radio Woking website for some fantastic full length interviews and sessions. Huge thanks to everyone, and best wishes for the coming year! Massive thanks also to Tony from Manilla PR for helping arrange many of these interviews.

We’re already planning more guests for 2018, so watch this space!

Here’s this week’s playlist. I’ve highlighted the live session tracks.

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Crossing The Tracks Playlist 08/01/17

Bex – Time To Stop The Rain
Tony Humphries – Change For Yourself (live)
Reverse Family – Was I A Good Man (live)
Kash Chouhan – Funky Groovy
Paolo Morena – Oh Yeah (live)
Brian ‘Nasher’ Nash – Salt In Our Veins (live)
Elena Ramona – Eyes On You
Sound Of The Suburb – Wild Weekend (live)
Addictive Philosophy – All I Want (live)
Harbottle and Jonas – Northumberland (live)
Natalie Gauci – Free Falling
Lena Laki – Take Me With (live)
Dojo – Wasteland (Recorded exclusively for Crossing The Tracks)

Kash Chouhan – Funk To The Music
Sound Of The Suburb – C’mon C’mon
Elena Ramona – Lying Blue Eyes
Bex – Story So Far
Tony Humphries – Life Changing Me (live)
Dojo – Resetter (Recorded exclusively for Crossing The Tracks)
Addictive Philosophy – Save The Last Dance (live)
Reverse Family – Suns Rays Are Like Birthdays (live)
Lena Laki – The Siren
Harbottle and Jonas – A Lady Awake (live)
Natalie Gauci – Back To Life
Paolo Morena – Treasure In The Trash (live)
Brian ‘Nasher’ Nash – The Power Of Love (live)


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