Crossing The Tracks Blog – Programme Broadcast 02/01/17 – ‘Class of 2016’

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope you enjoyed our special Crossing The Tracks ‘Class of 2016’ show last night, with all of our guests from last year! Most of the music was recorded live during interviews at the studio, reminding me what a pleasure it had been to meet such talented people. Thankyou so much to everyone who was a part of the programme in 2016, I’ve already got a few things lined up for ’17 so watch this space!

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Here’s the playlist for you too. All the tracks are live recordings except where indicated* :


Crossing The Tracks Playlist 02/01/17

Morrissey and Marshall – Cold November Sunrise
Paolo Morena – Treasure In The Trash
Sam Gleaves – The Cuckoo
Ooberfuse – Why Oh Why
Natalie Gauci – Give Me Everything
Lounge Kittens – Africa*

David Sinclair Four – Life Gone Cold
Elles Bailey – Girl Who Owned The Blues

Bearpark – Sleeper Train
Righteous Reprobates – Scarlet Sky
Sumo Cyco – Anti Anthem*

Junie Johnson – Pop The Bottles*
Rivita – Roses

Josh Mellor – Freefallin’

Kirsty Churchill – Who You Gonna Call*
Careless Sons – It Was only a matter of time
Helene Greenwood – Flat Roof House*
Sam Gleaves – My Singing Bird
David Sinclair Four – Click Clack Man
Bex – Hurricane
Morrissey and Marshall – Please Please Me
Kirsten Adamson – Impossibilities
Richard Lemongrower (Permanent Smilers) – Elastic*

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