News Release 22 April 2016- From Woking Borough Council

A new biodiversity and green infrastructure strategy to protect and enhance the natural environment for future generations as the Borough develops, has been launched by Woking Borough Council.

A key part of the Council’s vision for a sustainable Borough by 2050, the ‘Natural Woking’ strategy explains how the Council will work with partners to achieve positive outcomes for both people and habitats.

The strategy and supporting information will help inform planning decisions, providing guidance on key priorities which include, enhancing connectivity and accessibility to green spaces, conserving ecosystems, and creating opportunities for native species to return to the Borough.

Biodiversity encompasses all living things and the rich variety of habitats, species and ecosystems of which they are a part. It is not restricted to rare or threatened habitats and species, but includes the whole natural world from the common place to the critically endangered.

Ensuring people and habitats can positively coexist and thrive as Woking grows is important for the sustainability of the Borough.

Speaking about this commitment, Chief Executive of Woking Borough Council, Ray Morgan, said: “Natural Woking gives us an excellent framework within which the Council, and its partners, can take positive actions for our natural environment that will be of benefit to both residents and our diverse wildlife; while continuing to deliver the new homes, school places, workspaces and infrastructure that are vital to Woking’s growth.

“The strategy sets out opportunities for things like, accessible green routes between where people live and work; increasing biodiversity in our urban areas; promoting awareness of the value and beauty of our natural environment; enhancing the quality of water courses; adapting landscapes to withstand the challenge of climate change; and most importantly of all, showing us all how we, as individuals and businesses, can get involved.

“The Woking Peregrine Project is a great example of what Natural Woking can help us achieve. Thanks to a collaborative approach involving the Council, local businesses and various wildlife groups, a pair of peregrines is nesting at the top of Export House, watching over four eggs that are expected to hatch imminently. Round-the-clock CCTV monitoring means everyone can observe and appreciate this incredible species, whose future survival is down to us.”

Doing your bit to support biodiversity

Natural Woking contains guidance on how we as individuals can improve our personal wellbeing and contribute to the Borough’s biodiversity. Simple suggestions include:


·         Living Spaces – Planting a variety of flowering plants, shrubs and trees to      attract a range of insects and birds.

·         Access – Getting outside and enjoying Woking’s green spaces.

·         Urban Life – Turning an outside wall or bare fence into a vertical garden.

·         Responsive – Choosing wood decking, bricks or interlocking stones that allow the water to drain away to reduce the risk of flooding.

·         Productive Places – Buying locally produced or growing our own fruit and veg.

·         Wild about Woking – Learning more about our local environment. Watch the peregrines’ progress at

·         Legacy – Getting involved in local planning decisions and sharing with councillors our ideas for protecting and improving the biodiversity and green infrastructure our local area.

For more information about how you can get involved, or to review the Natural Woking strategy and supporting information in full, please visit