Balance – Shirley Wardell Talks The Myth of Money

Let me see the colour of your money,

They say it is pretty and green,

Numbers on spreadsheets shape the story

Of whom this fortune makes keen

Wealth buys you votes and votes buy you power

But pennies from heaven have slowed in their shower

To worship one god made of money or greed

Gives no one a heaven, an empty decree

Shirley Wardell joined the Fiery Bird show on Radio Woking to talk about her play, Balance. A piece inspired from our quizzical relationship with money, she has written the script based around a gym business that struggles to survive and examines the view that what we pin our lives, peg our hopes on, is a myth woven to keep us under control.

The play is being performed at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre in June with rehearsals taking place shortly and Shirley is looking for actors over 18, to join her in a variety of roles to bring it to life.

You can listen again here to Shirley talking about the play, the idea that formed it and her other projects and motivations


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4. Eighth Day – Hazel O’Connor

5. Ain’t There Something (That Money Can’t Buy) – Young Holt Trio

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7. Bank Robber – The Clash

8. Arrogance Ignorance & Greed – Show of Hands

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