An alternate view of life – THE VIEW FROM HERE

Sunday 6th March 2016

9am – 12noon

This week we consider alternative and complementary views on health and ‘reality’ along with a celebration of National Women’s Day. 

9am – Konstantin Pavlidis is founder of Orassy Ultimate Health. He undertakes research into complementary health modalities and ‘Natural Law’. We shall be discussing his work and the principles that underpin his philosophy of life.

10am – Jessica Bockler is co-founding director of Alef Trust which offers open learning courses. Jessica specialises in drama therapy and Transpersonal Psychology. We will talk about alternative approaches and how consciousness studies have changed the way we view ‘reality’.

11am –  Emma Hobson set up ‘Red Tent’ events in Staines. These are women’s circles following the old traditions and rekindling women’s wisdom. Based on sound healing and shamanic teachings her work encourages and empowers women. We shall also celebrate National Women’s Day.