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The Control Room

Here at Radio Woking Studios we use a large amount of professional equipment. The current mixing desk we are using is a Yamaha MGP32X which is capable of mixing up to 32 individual channels. The software on this desk allows the music to be graphically EQ’ed and the introduction of effects can be added at this stage.

When recording here in the Studios we use an iMac, which uses Logic. This is capable to creating effect editing or the recreation of music. This we find is a real sounding software that gives you a crisp high quality play back and editing which is very useful when recording.

Within the control room we have access to a Lexicon effects bank which has 100 preloaded effects that can be adjusted to the clients requirements.

On top of this a capacity to compress up to 8 voices at once on one recording.

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The Studio

In the Recording Studio, we have items available to use when you are here. We already have a drum Kit and Keyboard, this will be all included within the price so this is up to you to use them in your visit.

A collection of amps are also available to use please ask in the contact page if you want any extra information about those, the amps include a Marshell, a Bass amp and other small amps.

If you have chosen to have no technician no problem, we will simple set you up with a small desk located in the studio with you to plug in to the Studio speakers for play back. 

We also have Mics available to use when recording or just for practicing, an item list will be available soon from this page, however we have a range of vocal mics, compressed mics and drum kit and instrument mics. Any questions on specifics just drop us a message.

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